Mbote! Saludos! Salut! Hello!

Welcome to Eto’o Tsana.com your one stop solution for the best Afro-traditional and contemporary performance company in the United States and internationally based in New York City.

“Dream it – Live it – Love it – Do it” E.T.

That is the motto of Eto’o Tsana an international choreographer, recording artist, and dancer who has imposed her way into the African Entertainment scene.

Eto’o Tsana believes that women in music and dance are essential in the strengthening of society by demonstrating the infinite possibilities of valuable self expression within and across different cultures, in Sisterhood, and in friendship no matter the different life paths they walk. Eto’o Tsana, as a solo act or with Mabina Danseuses, offers audiences of all ages worldwide a versatile and variety of Afro-Traditional and Urban entertainment available for hire in all venues.